Introduction To FRENCH

A foreign language extends your horizon , teaches you to see the world from another angle, because it’s not only open door to different culture , it is also a different grammar, hence a different expression of reality.French is the second most learning language all over the world after English. More than 220 million people speak French on all the five continents. It is the language of the international communication as well as the second language of UNO. Now a days, the most privileged countries like Canada, Belgium and European countries adopting it as a first language. Most reputed provinces of Canada like Quebec and Saskatchewan have approved French language as a prominent language.


  • Improve your career options in Multinational companies in Canada.
  • Avail the benefits of a bilingual.
  • A language that opens up the PR options in Canada.
  • An advantage of studying in France.
  • Can visit Paris and the rest of the France without any difficulty.
  • Fluency in French increases your job opportunities.
  • Bilinguals are paid more.
  • Ease in communicating with Franco phonies.


    Presentation and Introduction,

    Basic conversation, Greetings,

    Days of the Week, Months,

    Nationality, Countries, Counting,

    More focus on speaking and listening skills,

    Basic grammar, Verbs

    Simple vocabulary (places, fruits, vegetables,Colors etc.),

    Simple phrases, Postcard writing,

    Filling your personal information.


    Initial intermediate vocabulary,

    Dialogues, Native expressions,

    Monologues, Everyday shores,

    Formation of long phrases,

    Intermediate grammar (Passe compose, Future simple),

    Events, Meetings, Family festivals, Travel

    Advanced postcard writing practice with past tense


    Advanced grammar,

    Advanced vocabulary (Subjontif, Direct and Indirect speeches, Official Conversation) ,

    Adjectives, Active and Passive Voice,

    Essay writing, Conditional phrases,

    Le gerondif, Adverbs, Les sentiments,

    Les Medias, Les arts.