The Course is for

    1. Absolute beginner
    2. Students desiring to become web developer
    3. Students seeking industrial training
    4. Students seeking to start career as a free lancer


    1. Basic knowledge of computer
    2. Basic knowledge of HTML,CSS

Course content

      1. Introduction to web development      (2 hours)
        1. Introduction to HTML,CSS
        2. Introduction to web server
        3. Introduction to PHP
        4. Need of web development skill


      2. HTML 5 and CSS3 (14 hours)
        1. Basics of HTML (Structure, Different types of tags, Frames, Anchor Tag, Image Insertion) [3 hours]
        2. Basics of CSS (CSS Box Model, CSS Font and Text Attributes) [2 hours]
        3. HTML 5                                                [5 hours]
          1. New form elements
          2. Gradient designing
          3. Canvas
          4. Geo location & GPS Services
        4. CSS 3                                                     [4 hours]
          1. New typography
          2. Multicolumn layout
          3. Multiple backgrounds
          4. Animations, transformation
      3. Js (3 hours)
        1. Basic related to JavaScript
        2. Document object model
        3. Performing validation using JavaScript
      4. jQuery   (5 hours)
        1. Designing  slider
        2. Performing validation using
        3. AJAX
      5. PHP (12 hours)
        1. Basic syntax and constant
        2. Looping, conditional, branching
        3. PHP array ,function
        4. File handling
        5. Basics of MYSQL database
        6. Connecting PHP with MySql
        7. Designing modules like authentication, registration etc.
        8. Date time, session and cookies

Special about course

    1. Ability to master the skill required for starting career as web developer
    2. Course will train for both front end and beck end part.
    3. Around 80 -85% online web site use PHP directly/indirectly worldwide


    1. A quality project targeting the actual problem related top society
    2. clarity of web development concepts using PHP through practical exposure

BUILDING DYNAMIC WEBSITES USING CMS                       ( 2 months )

This Course is for

  1. Beginners/ Professionals who wish to  jump directly into career of making websites only
  2. Learners, Looking for an easy approach to acquaint with concepts and tools of website building


  1. Basic knowledge of computer

Course content

    1. Introduction to basic of website designing (4 hours)
      1. Selecting color scheme
      2. Positioning menus/ pages
      3. Adding complimentary elements like slider etc.
      4. Studying the layout desired
      5. Responsiveness of website
    2. Drupal as CMS (content management system) (10 hours)
      1. Introduction to Drupal
      2. Installing and building first page
      3. Basic site configuration
      4. Learning to work with content
      5. Finding modules and installing
      6. Learning different content types
      7. Dealing with different media types and visual editors
      8. Controlling different types of options
      9. Introduction to theming
      10. Developing and managing site
    3. Word press as CMS for building website (10 hours)
      1. Installing and navigating the menus for admin panel
      2. Creating pages and posts
      3. Using tags, categories for search engine optimization purpose
      4. Installing themes and packages
      5. Controlling comments, permission related to different users
      6. Custom menus, navigation creation
      7. Understanding the application of concept of responsiveness to website building
      8. Studying the important modules available

Benefits of the course

  1. Ability to build a website in less time
  2. Use of CMS increases efficiency in search engine ranking
  3. Help to improve online branding, improve customer services, mobile optimization
  4. Career as a website builder with a professional approach